Manufacturing quality Souvenir Gifts, Novelties and South African inspired Bath and Body Care products to the world.

We specialise in:

• Wholesale supply of products to retailers.
FREE customisation of products such as overprinting of destination names and logos.
• Small order sizes to meet your needs, quick production & delivery.

Top Dot Souvenirs is a family owned and operated company based in the popular tourist town of Sedgefield, just 20 km from Knysna on the Garden Route.

We have become renowned for our South African-made Bath and Body Care products, all of which feature key naturally occurring ingredients unique to our country.

We also manufacture quality printed Aprons and Room Diffusers with colourful graphics featuring South African places and icons.

And, because we also have a crazy sense of humour – we created our edible South African animal dropping range, a South African-made delicious souvenir like no other!

We thank you for your interest in our products, and welcome you along as we continue on our journey showcasing the beauty (and humour!) of South Africa to the world.