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by nature ™ innovative skincare products have a unique South African feel. Our bespoke, artisan approach is what makes us unique.  We create handcrafted bath and body products that have been through optimum quality control systems, producing excellent quality products we are proud of.
Our gift sets are the ideal gift for locals and travellers alike.  Each set is uniquely paired to compliment each other and incorporates true South African fragrances: Rooibos, Cape Fynbos, Baobab and Aloe Ferox. 
Our Shweshwe Gift Sets are truly South African from the inside product to the outside label. Our design originates from Shweshwe - an original South African fabric.
Shweshwe is a printed dyed cotton fabric widely used for traditional clothing and has been entrenched in South African culture for over a century. Due to its timeless popularity, it has been described as the denim or tartan of South Africa. It inspired us to manufacture a range of luxury bath and body products enriched with natural extracts of Organic Rooibos, Cape Fynbos (Pelargonium), Aloe Ferox and Baobab, all of which are unique to South Africa.
Naturally PH balanced.  PARABEN FREE. Never tested on animals.  Vegan friendly.
Customisation such as overprinting of destination names and logo's available.